Pure Water: an excellent solvent

Water purified by removing any other element contained in it (such as mineral salts and impurities) has a high cleaning capacity.

Pure Water: an excellent solvent Pure Water: an excellent solvent Pure Water: an excellent solvent

In effect, water is an excellent solvent, thanks to its capacity to react to the dirt with both positive and negative charges.

The higher its degree of purity, the higher its capacity to chemically react and consequently attack the dirt in the most effective way.

Pure Water: an excellent solventPure water is particularly suitable for the treatment of all non porous surfaces, such as glass, marble, plastics and ceramics without the aid of chemical products.

Once the cleaning is performed, it is simply needed to rinse in order to remove the last traces of dirt and the surface will remain deeply cleaned and free from streaks or smears.

As a consequence, this technology is appropriate for various cleaning performances.

The range of pure water machines by Tecnopress is provided with a four-stage filtration system which make it one of the most efficient in the market.

1) SEDIMENT FILTER removes particles exceeding 5 micron from water.

2) ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER removes chlorine to protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

3) REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE removes impurities and salts up to 98%.

4) DEIONIZATION RESIN CARTRIDGES remove the remaining salts reducing their concentration to 0 ppm.

In addition, the range of pure water machine is classified in two different typologies:

  • GreenTube: suitable for less severe applications (2/3 hours per day)
  • HighPure: for more demanding professional applications (up to 8 hours per day).




Pure water: GreenTube Pure water: HighPure
Pure water: GreenTube Pure water: HighPure


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